Low Back Pain Queenstown

Studies have shown that 80% of us experience low back pain at some stage of our lives. Low back pain is by far the most common complaint in the Chiropractic office and there is no health discipline better trained and more effective at diagnosing and treating it than a Chiropractor.

There are many causes of low back pain and they range from benign postural issues to serious medical emergencies. Different job types, age groups, medical histories and sports lend themselves to different types and causes of low back pain. Most types of low back pain can be dealt with effectively by a Chiropractor and through appropriate rehabilitation and lifestyle advice can have their recurrence minimised. 

At Wakatipu Chiropractic we integrate Chiropractic with professional Massage Therapy to ensure people suffering from low back pain receive the fastest and most effective treatment and relief. We also have a network of other referral sources from physiotherapists to neurosurgeons that we utilise when indicated.